You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 4: Their Second Meeting!

“In the middle of the night yesterday, someone captured Best Actor Shen leaving his house, leaving his bride at home on their wedding night! From what I see, she must be unimportant to him.”

“You sure? I originally thought that Best Actor Shen chose to hide his marriage as he loved her too much and wanted to protect her from the eyes of the public.”

Hearing this, Qiao Lian couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

Protect her? It was more like he wasn’t interested in her.

As she recalled the events of the night before, she felt that Shen Liangchuan’s attitude towards her was kind of weird.

Why had he picked her when he wasn’t interested in her?

Someone hit her arm as she was lost in her thoughts. Turning her head, she saw her colleague Su Meimei who was spoking fiercely and smugly to her, “Qiao Lian, do you regret offending Chief Editor? I told you so, but it’s too late now!”

On the surface, Su Meimei always obediently followed the chief editor’s lead but actually, she was just trying to suck up to her.

Qiao Lian couldn’t be bothered to entertain her.

Su Meimei continued arrogantly, “Some people think that they are superior and impressive just because they reported some big piece of news. But, in this industry, who doesn’t know that Best Actor Shen’s gossip is the hardest to attain? This time, you can just prepare to submit your resignation letter!”

Why is there no ending to this!

Qiao Lian’s blinked her black eyes and replied, “Su Meimei, has no one ever told you that your voice has the same effect as a frog? It is just as noisy and annoying.”

“You!” Su Meimei was so furious her face turned thoroughly red.

Qiao Lian grinned and incisively replied, “The result can only be determined at the end. We won’t know who will emerge as the winner until then.”

She had to continue her job as a reporter, so she wasn’t going to admit defeat so easily.

Su Meimei sneered, “Wow, you sound like you know who Mrs. Shen is. Okay then, if you have the ability, try finding out her identity.”

Qiao Lian originally wanted to retort, but she was interrupted when someone suddenly exclaimed, “Best Actor Shen is here!”

The voice worked as if it were a predetermined signal, and the crowd suddenly exploded with excitement, running forward with raised cameras.

When Qiao Lian turned her head, she saw a black nanny van driving slowly in her direction.

The filming crew banned reporters from entering the set. Thus, all the reporters had waited outside to try their luck and capture Best Actor Shen on camera. However, as he entered and left the filming set by car, they usually weren’t able to capture him on camera at all.

As she watched the car slowly move in her direction, staggering away from the reporters, Qiao Lian heaved a sigh of relief. Shen Liangchuan wouldn’t have seen her, right?

However, she had felt relieved too soon. At that moment, someone behind her gave her a sudden hard shove, and she flew towards the car uncontrollably.

“Screeeeeech!” The car immediately screeched to a halt.

Qiao Lian was slammed onto the car, and she felt as if all of her bones were about to shatter. At the instant the car stopped, her face was smacked right on the rear window of the car.

The extreme pain came from her arm, but her first instinct was to stand up straight and leave as fast as she could. Unluckily, things never went her way, and the window of the car was rolled down. Behind the window was pent-up coldness.

As Qiao Lian noticed him, her irises contracted. Behind the window was Shen Liangchuan’s, although expressionless, divinely crafted face.

Amongst the crowd, Su Meimei lowered her hand, and a smug smile flashed on her face.

Everyone in the industry knew that Best Actor Shen hated being hounded by the paparazzi. Other artists might leave some face for the reporters, but Best Actor Shen had never shown leniency.

Once, when someone had followed Best Actor Shen and was caught by him, the person was beaten up by Best Actor Shen with the excuse of self-defense. When the matter was brought to court, it ended without any conclusion.

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